That Vegan Couple

Natasha and Luka

Natasha and Luca are ‘That Vegan Couple’ on YouTube, and are social media influencers and animal rights activists. They have over 24 million views on their YouTube channel, and millions more on Instagram and Facebook. They create educational and entertaining videos which range from street activism to eating shows, responses, how to live vegan, recipes, health and fitness, general lifestyle, and more.
They also have a Podcast show covering a variety of vegan, animal rights, and life topics, as well as a wide range of special guest interviews. For the last 2 years they have organized international activism tours to educate and inspire vegans to be active, including workshops and activist events. They have been invited to speak at vegan and animal rights events and conferences in Australia, North America, Europe, and Israel.

Talk:  Vegan – It’s the least we can do

Date & Time: 2.15pm Saturday 28th March

Run Time: 45 mins