Talia Raphaely

Talia Raphaely embracing a goat

Talia has about 30 years of international experience in working towards sustainable outcomes, both in the developed and developing world, leading and participating in teams, and collaborating with a vast range of animal, environmental, government and non-government organisations, industry, academic and community groups.
She is a globally recognised author and editor with over 50 peer-reviewed papers and publications and three award-winning books:
1)            Scopus-indexed academic book, Impact of Meat Consumption on Health and Environmental Sustainability (Raphaely, T., Marinova, D. (eds) (2016) IGI Global, Hershey, PA) received a number of international book awards (awarded in Yantai China) in the 2017 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards namely: World’s Best Book 2017 – Category: Sustainability, Best Australian Book 2017 – Category: Sustainability, Best Australian Book 2017 – Category: Vegetarian.
The book is presently being considered for use as a textbook in Chinese high schools.
2)                  Scopus-indexed book, Environmental Health, and Business Opportunities in the New Meat Alternatives Market (Bogueva, D., Marinova, D. Raphaely, T., Schmidinger, K. (eds) (2019), IGI Global, Hershey, PA) awarded Best Australian Book 2019 – Category: Vegetarian.
Competing in China in this category for Best in the World 2020 – with winners from other countries in the same category.
3)                  Handbook of Research on Social Marketing and its Influence on Animal Origin Food Product Consumption  (Bogueva, D., Raphaely, T., Marinova, D. (eds) (2018), IGI Global, Hershey, PA) was one of only two International Book Awards 2019 Finalists – Business Category: Marketing and Advertising
Talia’s career and research has taught her that we have all the scientific evidence needed to fix the world’s challenges. However, she believes we aren’t suffering from an environmental crisis but rather a spiritual crisis and veganism is a significant part of the solution. She has been a vegetarian or vegan for 44 years and has run a number of ultra-marathons on and off road, deriving great joy running on trails and in the bush.

Workshop:  The solution is so simple, it’s nuts!

Date & Time: 11.00am Saturday 30th March

Run Time: 45mins