Albert Mah

Albert Mah has practiced meditation and mindfulness for 20 years and has lived a vegan life for the past 12 years. When The Peace Tree vegan community centre started in 2018, he began giving weekly guided sessions there by donation and with its closing, he’s now conducting the sessions at his residence. Albert is also a volunteer teacher at a Perth Buddhist centre giving lessons on Buddhism and meditation to children.
He is a member to the advisory council of Dharma Voices for Animals, an international non-profit Buddhist animal rights organisation with chapters in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. He is also the Perth chapter leader. Albert’s other interests include philosophy, wildlife conservation and conservation photography.

Workshop:  Riding Life’s Roller-coaster through Emotional Resilience

Date & Time: 11.15am Sunday 29th March

Run Time: 30mins


In this short presentation, Albert will talk about what is meditation and mindfulness, the misconceptions, the benefits and how to incorporate it into your life. It will include how to deal with negative and oppressive thoughts, feelings and emotions and how to develop emotional resilience and stability. Life is a rollercoaster and we have to use skillful means to ride the ups and downs. Central to the practice is having an open mind, a willingness to change ingrained habits and views plus developing universal loving-kindness and compassion. If one is prepared to do that our lives become more meaningful and liberating.